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Alternative Protein Market Faces Infrastructure Challenges

Alternative Protein Market Faces Infrastructure Challenges

Producers find the lack of production facilities outfitted for meat replacement products prevents an efficient path from product design to market sales. As demand for plant-based protein products continues to increase, the lack of infrastructure to support that growth has … Read more

TC Energy and the Global Energy Transition Blog Image

Using Pipeline Infrastructure for Hydrogen Hubs, Carbon Grid

While many clean energy solutions focus on new technology and infrastructure, one energy leader is re-imaging its existing pipelines to distribute power capacity using a range of renewable energy and clean fuels. TransCanada Energy, or TC Energy, a leader in … Read more

Shell Energy Blog Featured Image

What to Know About Shell Energy and The Global Energy Transition

Many leading companies in the traditional energy sector are making bold choices to position their companies as leaders in the new energy economy. Clean Innovations in the New Energy Economy   Shell Energy is one of those global companies that has … Read more

When Water Infrastructure Fails image for Sarah Padyk blog IE Cleantech Corner

When Water Infrastructure Fails: PFAS and Eastern NC’s Drinking Water

Over the last decades, access to clean and safe drinking water in the U.S. has become more prevalent in the news cycle. Stories of Flint, Michigan, Inez, Kentucky, and the Navajo Nation have increased the public’s awareness to a startling … Read more

Brush Cay mangrove forest before Hurricane Dorian

Spearheading Conservation: ENGOs Driving Change, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

Brush Cay mangrove forest before Hurricane Dorian As society transitions into the next decade, it has become increasingly clear that the Climate Crisis is an impossible battle to fight alone. The environmental movement is growing globally as governments, companies, and … Read more


By the Brook Tempeh

From bean to block, Taylor Westbrook is combining fermentation with artistry to create a unique product representative of a more sustainable food-future. Tempeh is a fairly foreign product to American consumers. I came to know it as a lot of … Read more

Songdo Smart City Blog Alyssa Abraham IE Cleantech Corner

Designing Sustainable Cities: Songdo

The United Nations projects that by 2050 over two-thirds of the world’s population will live in urban areas. That equates to about 2.5 billion additional people moving to cities around the world (United Nations). When constructed correctly, cities have the … Read more

Earth Day

Earth Day is Every Day

One of the most frustrating parts of environmentalism, in my opinion, is the tendency for portrayal as a movement for a specific subset of people. In hearing the term “environmentalist,” it’s hard not to think of “tree huggers” or vegan … Read more

sheep and solar panels

Sustainability through Solar Powered Sheep

Can the sum of two things be worth more than the individual parts?  In the case of solar farms and sheep, the answer is yes. The Cornelius based company, Sun Raised Foods is doing just that, using the symbiotic relationship … Read more


Springclean: Repurposing Your Textile Waste

Over the past decade, the textile industry has received a lot of criticism for promulgating “fast fashion” – a term that neatly encapsulates the horrors of a multi trillion-dollar industry built on extractive and exploitative practices. With only 2% of … Read more