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FarmShots IE Cleantech Blog

FarmShots: Making Farms More Efficient – One Shot at a Time!

FarmShots was founded in 2014 by Joshua Miller, who at the time was still in his undergraduate studies at Duke University for electrical engineering. FarmShots is headquartered in the Research Triangle Park in NC. FarmShots grew quickly and was acquired … Read more

living roof

Living Roofs Delivers on Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability

Living Roofs, Inc. (LRI) is a small company headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina that works to “bring roofs to life.” Founded in 2006, LRI holds the title as the oldest green roofing company in the region. Their team includes landscape … Read more


Arbiom: Paving a New Path for Plant-Based Protein Products

Gone are the days of traditional, animal-based proteins; today, a new wave of plant-based protein prevails.  As the world’s focus on sustainability in the food industry increases, a new alternative protein source is entering the market: protein derived from wood.  … Read more

Scott Farling UNC Clean Tech Summit

The Role of Humanities in Clean Tech

The 2020 UNC Clean Tech Summit served a variety of purposes. It was a forum for catalysts of environmental change to: share their ideas, provoke discussion about a sustainable future, and ultimately allow UNC students to gain a better understanding … Read more

Tin Shed Ventures UNC Clean Tech Summit

Patagonia: How Liliana Bettolo Guides Environmental Startups

Everyone has heard of Patagonia – the down-to-earth, stylish brand is not only a household name but also a company that fulfills all outdoor clothing and gear needs. However, I only recently heard about Tin Shed Ventures, Patagonia’s corporate venture … Read more

Lisa Shpritz

Meet the Speaker: Lisa Shpritz from Bank of America

As companies begin to invest and promote sustainable business, Lisa Shpritz, Senior Vice President and Environmental Business & Engagement Executive at Bank of America, is at the front of the initiative. During her fifteen years working within Bank of America, … Read more

Mark Huang

SeaAhead and Blue Tech: Mark Huang Takes Charge with Clean Technology

With the rising popularity of the blue tech industry, Mark Huang, co founder of SeaAhead, is one of the driving proponents of the movement. His dedication to networking investors and startups together has sparked a new wave of potential successful … Read more

Circular Economy UNC Clean Tech Summit

Circular Economy and Blue Tech Debuts at Clean Tech Summit 2020

The Clean Tech Summit has two new tracks this year; “Blue Tech” and “Circular Economy.” The focus of the latter is to address issues with material use and disposal such as plastics. Companies across the world are looking to inject … Read more

Philip Mezey speaks at the UNC Cleantech Summit.

How Curiosity and History Shaped the Career of a Clean Tech CEO

Philip Mezey, the recent past CEO of Itron, majored in history. While Mezey had the basic technical skills required to work in a technology field, he believes that skills in reasoning, decision making, understanding group dynamics, and the practice of … Read more