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Circular arrows to show sustainable textiles blog from IE Cleantech Corner intern.

Sustainable Textiles in the Modern Era: Navigating Demand, Environmental Needs

The ever-increasing demand for textiles has led to advancements in the manufacturing and production of these material goods. But how can we ensure that our produced goods are sustainable in today’s world with fast fashion? One such method is through … Read more

A biologist working on synthetic biology process like UNC Cleantech Summit speaker, Nelson Barton at Genomatica.

Why Biology is More than Just the Lab for Nelson Barton

As an undergrad at Berkeley in the 80s, Barton’s chosen field of molecular biology was just developing, but he knew already that its potential was endless.  He dreamed of a career where he could “do something that would have an … Read more

Vibrant blue butterfly rests on pink flower as inspiration for the development of sustainable paint

Energy-Saving Paint Production Based on Nontoxic Colorless Materials

In the ever-evolving world of science and innovation, researchers around the globe are continually seeking inspiration from nature to develop groundbreaking technologies. One such fascinating endeavor involves biomimicry in the paint production process. Recently, we had the privilege of sitting … Read more

Process of green hydrogen by Matt White during UNC Burch Cleantech Europe trip

Green Hydrogen and Sustainability as the Future of Design

The day began with students gathered in the UNC Winston House with coffee in hand. The morning was dedicated to working on a challenging case study paper. We bounced ideas off one another, allowing us to think critically and approach … Read more

UK building

UK Colonial History, Rich in Sustainability

The UNC Burch Fellowship group had the honor of listening to a lecture by Professor Jim Endersby this morning. Dr. Endersby is the current Associate Dean for People, Culture and Inclusion in the School of Media, Arts and Humanities (MAH) … Read more

Kings Cross Station

Social Media Marketing and More in Hull

Another day, another adventure with the Burch Sustainability program! I started the day off bright and early at 5:30 as I was getting ready for our 3-day, 2-night trip to Kingston upon Hull, a port city in East Yorkshire, England. … Read more

Train station

Burch Students Travel to the University of Hull

Today’s day started out a little rough but ended up finishing very strong. We had to be at the train station by 7 am, as we were supposed to take a train straight to Hull. Suffice to say, it did … Read more

BlueCity, a circular economy incubator, and an innovation hub

Rotterdam, Netherlands: Burch Tackles Resilience in Action

Students in the UNC Burch Sustainability program have learned one main concept from this day: how to move cities forward in a sustainable and resilient way. We feel as though we could conquer anything and it has only been the … Read more

Marieke van Doorninck, director of Kennisland

Fireside Chat with Marieke van Doorninck, Amsterdam’s Former Deputy Mayor

The myriad of environmental issues lying before us marks a moment where diversity of thought is more important than ever. As the next generation of innovators, the UNC Burch Fellowship program had a one-on-one fireside discussion with Amsterdam’s former deputy … Read more

The Centraal railway station, Rotterdam

Rotterdam: Dynamic Designs and Public Spaces

Stepping off the night train from Freiburg to Rotterdam, anticipation ran through my veins. Rotterdam is a city in the Netherlands that has gained recognition for its urban landscape and sustainable architecture. After dropping off the luggage at the hostel, … Read more