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What to Know About Shell Energy and The Global Energy Transition

October 13, 2021 Shell Energy Blog Featured Image

Many leading companies in the traditional energy sector are making bold choices to position their companies as leaders in the new energy economy.

Clean Innovations in the New Energy Economy  

Shell Energy is one of those global companies that has embraced the global energy transition. In April, the company unveiled a plan that would reduce their emissions to net-zero in 2050.  In September, Shell committed to providing low-carbon jet fuel by 2025 and pledged to invest more than $500 million into renewable sources in Brazil.

Under the guidance of Glenn Wright, President of North America and VP of Renewables, Shell Energy has become a key developer and investor in the renewable energy sector. Solar and off-shore wind developers now compete with Shell. Moreover, the firm has an impressive portfolio including Inspire Clean Energy and a 43 percent stake at Silicon Ranch Corporation. Shell Energy is the leader in the development of the Sandrini Solar Park and is also working to mobilize Rotterdam as a green hydrogen hub for Europe.

The Business Case for Clean Energy 

Shell Energy is an example of how traditional energy companies are diversifying with renewable energy sources as the world transitions to clean energy sources. With consumer demand and reliability in mind, the clean energy transition continues to gain momentum. Many traditional energy companies are continuing to provide cleaner alternatives to their products and services. Most importantly, these companies are producing real results that are helping to shape the new energy economy alongside entrepreneurs and independent providers. Clean energy sources such as off-shore wind, solar, and green hydrogen are poised to significantly contribute to energy supplies, serving growing energy demands.

The global energy transition requires all industries to make investments in clean energy resources and processes. Inclusion is the only way to achieve true change. To learn more about the global energy transition, join us on March 29-30, 2022 at the UNC Cleantech Summit at the Friday Conference Center in Chapel Hill, NC.

About the Author

This blog was written by Elias Capriles, UNC Cleantech Corner Fall 2021 intern and computer science and environmental science major, Class of 2024.