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Solar panel in a grassy field with an electric bulb above it made from clouds.

A Circular Solar Economy: Women Leading the Way

The solar energy revolution, a sweeping force across America for years, is now gaining momentum at an unprecedented pace. President Joe Biden in 2022 made several significant White House goals regarding expanding domestic solar manufacturing to reach 22.5 gigawatts of … Read more

Pictured: The control room at Ørsted where they communicate with the ships.

Ørsted: Sustainable Energy and the Leader in Offshore Wind

The Burch Fellowship Students second day in Hull started with an early morning wake-up call to be out and ready for our bus ride to Ørsted. After our hour bus ride, we arrived at the port of Grimsby to see … Read more

Presentation with Oekogeno’s Thomas Baver

Cleantech Innovations in Freiburg Germany

Today I started the day bright and early, going out for a morning walk around the city of Freiburg. The streets were quiet and vendors for the farmer’s market were beginning to set up their booths outside the Freiburg Minister. … Read more

Basel SBB, the largest train station in Basel and the site for our first briefing

Basel: On the border of Switzerland, Germany and France

On yet another busy day on the 2023 Burch Sustainability Program, the group took a trip with Steffen of Innovation Academy to Basel, a gorgeous city situated right at – and in some places, over – the borders of Switzerland, … Read more

Chris Castro

Cleantech Game Changer: Chris Castro, Chief of Staff, U.S. Department of Energy

Where you bank matters, because who you let invest your capital can determine our collective future. Chris Castro has dedicated his entire career to advancing sustainability and clean technology. From founding IDEAS For Us, a student organization turned global NGO … Read more

Fraunhofer ISE applied research center

Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy: Burch Cleantech Europe Tour

Today’s agenda centered around our visit to the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy (ISE), the largest solar research institute in Europe. Our visit started with a presentation from Professor Dr. Bruno Burger discussing pathways to a climate-neutral energy system focusing … Read more

Roser Farm, Freiburg Germany

Freiburg Germany: Renewable Energy, Rural Development, and Energy Cooperatives

Our morning began bright and early at 8:30 AM when a classmate, Kyle Daniels, gave us a briefing on what we should expect from the day: excursions full of renewable energies, rural development, and energy cooperatives. After breakfast, we hopped … Read more

European flags

Rapidly Evolving Energy Strategies in Europe

During the recent Cleantech Summit, one panel, in particular, broadened the international boundaries: “Europe’s Rapidly Evolving Energy Strategies.” The three speakers – Victor Marcos Morell, Hardy Boeckle, and Paul Rennie, who respectively represented Spain, Germany and the UK – unanimously … Read more

Better future ahead sign

Understanding Local Green Banks: Montgomery County Green Bank

Within the past two decades, a new type of value-based banking has emerged: green banking. While this form of banking has a wide array of goals, at the core of the movement is a dedication to financing green solutions meant … Read more

Behind the Scenes of Clean Energy Investment – Regional Powers

Aaron Brickman thinks that North Carolina is a powerhouse of renewable innovations. Track 5 of UNC’s Cleantech Summit focuses on the development of cleantech in the Mid-Atlantic region. With North Carolina leading the way, the region is quickly attracting major … Read more