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Presentation with Oekogeno’s Thomas Baver

Cleantech Innovations in Freiburg Germany

Today I started the day bright and early, going out for a morning walk around the city of Freiburg. The streets were quiet and vendors for the farmer’s market were beginning to set up their booths outside the Freiburg Minister. … Read more

One of the world’s largest offshore wind turbines currently being tested onshore, named the Haliade-X

The Energy Transition: Up Close at TNO labs and the Port of Rotterdam

The Burch Fellowship Students immersed themselves first-hand in the energy transition with two site visits today with TNO labs and the Port of Rotterdam. These site visits provided us with the tools and knowledge to advance in the future of … Read more

Fraunhofer ISE applied research center

Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy: Burch Cleantech Europe Tour

Today’s agenda centered around our visit to the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy (ISE), the largest solar research institute in Europe. Our visit started with a presentation from Professor Dr. Bruno Burger discussing pathways to a climate-neutral energy system focusing … Read more

Offshore wind and NC student interview

The Powerful Future of Offshore Wind Energy with SEWC’s Katharine Kollins

Emerging offshore wind technology is giving the wind industry a push in the United States. Throughout my time as an intern for the Cleantech Corner, I focused on the wind industry and had the pleasure of speaking with Katharine Kollins. … Read more

Sarah Masters interviews industry source, Bill Capp, about the current state of energy storage and its future.

Energy Storage with Bill Capp: Now and Where We Are Going

The planning process for the 2023 UNC Cleantech Summit is well underway to book keynotes, panelists, and special guests.  As part of the IE Cleantech Corner Initiative, the UNC student group that helps develop content and speakers for this annual … Read more

wind turbine

Economic Impact of Offshore Wind Energy in NC Communities

There is no doubt that all economies took a hit as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Most countries, states, and even individual cities were faced with devastating economic impacts as a result of the necessary lockdowns. Many companies went … Read more

Shell Energy Blog Featured Image

What to Know About Shell Energy and The Global Energy Transition

Many leading companies in the traditional energy sector are making bold choices to position their companies as leaders in the new energy economy. Clean Innovations in the New Energy Economy   Shell Energy is one of those global companies that has … Read more

living roof

Living Roofs Delivers on Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability

Living Roofs, Inc. (LRI) is a small company headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina that works to “bring roofs to life.” Founded in 2006, LRI holds the title as the oldest green roofing company in the region. Their team includes landscape … Read more

Black Cotton

Connecting the Community to Culture through Black Cotton

Julius Tillery is making cotton farming cool.  As a fifth-generation cotton farmer, Julius Tillery wanted to take his family’s farm and turn it into a trendy, sustainable business.  His idea? Growing cotton for the purpose of art and decor.  “We … Read more


Arbiom: Paving a New Path for Plant-Based Protein Products

Gone are the days of traditional, animal-based proteins; today, a new wave of plant-based protein prevails.  As the world’s focus on sustainability in the food industry increases, a new alternative protein source is entering the market: protein derived from wood.  … Read more