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Joshua Rogol, president of Strata Clean Energy provides insights to UNC Cleantech Corner Initiative intern, Paul Hollis about the Investment Reduction Act (IRA) on clean energy development, a topic at the UNC Cleantech Summit.

Joshua Rogol: Insights into the IRA’s impact on Clean Energy Development

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) represents the single largest climate-related investment by the U.S. government to date, allocating $369 billion (USD) for energy and climate initiatives to help transition the U.S. economy toward more sustainable energy resources. The signing of … Read more

Circular arrows to show sustainable textiles blog from IE Cleantech Corner intern.

Sustainable Textiles in the Modern Era: Navigating Demand, Environmental Needs

The ever-increasing demand for textiles has led to advancements in the manufacturing and production of these material goods. But how can we ensure that our produced goods are sustainable in today’s world with fast fashion? One such method is through … Read more

Community meeting to discuss siting clean energy projects, important according to UNC Cleantech Summit speaker Katherine Ross

Addressing Local Disputes and Fostering Community Engagement

This year at the UNC Cleantech Summit a panel will be hosted on Local Siting Disputes, highlighting the unique intersection of renewable development and public engagement. Katherine Ross, a speaker on the panel, has 15 years of experience as an … Read more

Offshore wind turbines as UNC Cleantech Summit speaker, Bailey Pons speaks with student journalist about NC's offshore wind potential.

Clean Energy Leadership and Offshore Wind Potential in North Carolina

North Carolina is making significant strides in transforming its economy into a clean energy powerhouse, according to a recent economic development report. Recognized as a national leader in renewable energy, the state’s commitment to addressing climate change and embracing clean … Read more

A biologist working on synthetic biology process like UNC Cleantech Summit speaker, Nelson Barton at Genomatica.

Why Biology is More than Just the Lab for Nelson Barton

As an undergrad at Berkeley in the 80s, Barton’s chosen field of molecular biology was just developing, but he knew already that its potential was endless.  He dreamed of a career where he could “do something that would have an … Read more

Wooden blocks with letters spell out the work surety for this UNC Cleantech Summit topic about the impact of surety bonds on the cleantech economy.

The Impact of Surety Bonds on the Cleantech Economy

It’s no secret that large-scale projects, especially those in renewable power, entail risks, particularly due to the incorporation of newer technologies. This is where surety bonds come into play, an area of expertise for Rosenberg & Parker.  What is Surety?  … Read more

UNC Cleantech Summit topic about electric vehicles with an illuminated EV charging station

How Power Companies are Supporting the Transition to Electric Vehicles

As consumers continue to adopt electric vehicles (EVs), power companies play a crucial role in supporting this shift. Power companies can support their customers by offering specific EV-focused rates, programs, and advisory services. I recently had the opportunity to interview … Read more

Vibrant blue butterfly rests on pink flower as inspiration for the development of sustainable paint

Energy-Saving Paint Production Based on Nontoxic Colorless Materials

In the ever-evolving world of science and innovation, researchers around the globe are continually seeking inspiration from nature to develop groundbreaking technologies. One such fascinating endeavor involves biomimicry in the paint production process. Recently, we had the privilege of sitting … Read more

Circular wave to symbolize aquaculture innovation for UNC Cleantech Summit blog post

The Role of Aquaculture in Sustainable Food and Beyond

At UNC’s 2024 Cleantech Summit, there will be an aquaculture panel focused on innovations in that field and how new technologies are leading to a promising future for sustainable seafood. Food sourced from bodies of water, or “blue foods,” are … Read more

Farming tractor harvesting crops to show synthetic biology at work

Emerging Technology: Navigating the Frontiers of Synthetic Biology

The importance of synthetic biology will be explored at the 10th annual UNC Cleantech Summit on March 21 – 22, 2024 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Synthetic biology is a transformative platform technology in biology, orchestrating the engineering and design … Read more