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Understanding Local Green Banks: Montgomery County Green Bank

Within the past two decades, a new type of value-based banking has emerged: green banking. While this form of banking has a wide array of goals, at the core of the movement is a dedication to financing green solutions meant … Read more

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Environmental Solutions – Pieces Are Sorted, but How Do We Put Them Together?

Imagine you are putting jigsaw puzzle pieces together. Despite having the puzzle box photo as your key, the 5,000 pieces may drive you nuts. Contemporary environmental challenges are similar to, or even more mind-binding than, puzzling. We have the vision of a clean and equitable economy … Read more

Behind the Scenes of Clean Energy Investment – Regional Powers

Aaron Brickman thinks that North Carolina is a powerhouse of renewable innovations. Track 5 of UNC’s Cleantech Summit focuses on the development of cleantech in the Mid-Atlantic region. With North Carolina leading the way, the region is quickly attracting major … Read more


ESG Integration: Is it enough?

There is no doubt that sustainability issues are dominating today’s headlines. As the public and private sectors are increasingly recognizing the urgency of addressing the challenges raised by climate change, corporate firms, and investors are seeking to consider environmental, social, … Read more

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The Future of Blue Carbon with Jennifer Howard of Conservation International

As companies, governments, and nonprofits alike look for ways to reduce their carbon footprints, many are turning to carbon offset projects, specifically nature-based solutions. Blue carbon projects are widely considered to be some of the most promising, and we are … Read more

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Sustainability in the Construction and Real Estate Sector

The construction, design, and use of buildings is one of the most significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. About 27% of global CO2 emissions in 2021 resulted from energy use in buildings according to a report by the IEA. … Read more

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Paving a Path in Clean Energy with Mr. David Nenon, Supply Chain Manager for Ford Motor Company

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to interview one of the Cleantech panelists and a 2014 UNC-Chapel Hill alum, Mr. David Nenon, for the Supply Chain and Manufacturing Track. Mr. Nenon currently works as a supply chain manager for … Read more

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Sustainable Intensification of the Agricultural Industry

As the world population continues to grow, how will North Carolina, one of the essential agricultural resources in the United States, keep up with increased crop demands? Maize, rice, and wheat will increase market demand by 70 percent within the … Read more

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Bridging the Gaps in the Battery Supply Chain and Manufacturing Crisis

UNC’s 2023 Cleantech Summit on March 27 – 28 will feature discussions on the growing concerns around the security of our domestic supply chains and manufacturing capabilities. As echoed in several White House released statements, it is in the interests … Read more

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Talking with Sid Fowler – Law in Sustainability and More on Storage

As part of the IE Cleantech Corner Initiative, the UNC student group that helps develop content and speakers for the Cleantech Summit, I’ve been working on articulating the content that will be covered in a mini three-panel track called “Hydrogen … Read more