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Emerging Technology: Navigating the Frontiers of Synthetic Biology

December 20, 2023 Farming tractor harvesting crops to show synthetic biology at work

The importance of synthetic biology will be explored at the 10th annual UNC Cleantech Summit on March 21 – 22, 2024 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Synthetic biology is a transformative platform technology in biology, orchestrating the engineering and design of biological systems to optimize for human needs. In the annals of technological change, chemistry has recently emerged as a driving force, highlighting the profound biological underpinnings of human progress. Acknowledging that biology is both the cause and solution to human needs, synthetic biology utilizes biological systems to craft the essentials that propel our daily lives.

Biology versus traditional chemistry

Delving into the historical narrative of Synonym Bio, their journey has been woven into the very fabric of daily life. From adhesives on stickers to food additives in lunches and glazes on glass, our foray into synthetic biology extends across diverse applications. Yet, their vision transcends these immediate products, encompassing the establishment of physical infrastructure and factories to bolster emerging manufacturing processes. At the heart of their work lies a commitment to sustainability, manifesting in the actual process of fermentation. This innovative approach allows the harnessing of feedstocks more efficiently. Beyond the pragmatic aspects, they emphasize elegance, drawing inspiration from biology’s inherent regenerative and sustainable nature. By creating products with biology instead of traditional chemistry, limitless possibilities are unlocked to enhance and replace facets of our daily lives.

Looking ahead

The landscape of synthetic biology is poised for a profusion of companies entering the market. A pivotal evolutionary moment beckons, encouraging companies to collaborate on diverse applications. The myriad avenues within synthetic biology present distinct intricacies, with processes and end markets varying significantly. For students and investors curious about the trajectory of synthetic biology, consider the following insights:

  • Market Expansion: Anticipate a surge in companies bringing synthetic biology to market, reflecting a diverse array of applications.
  • Collaborative Potential: Recognize the evolutionary moment where companies collaborate for multifaceted applications within synthetic biology.
  • Limitless Avenues: Understand the vast possibilities within synthetic biology, where the intricacies of processes and end markets offer limitless potential.

As an investor, delving into the synthetic biology space offers a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of a transformative field. The marriage of biological principles with technological innovation not only propels sustainability but also presents a compelling avenue for cutting-edge advancements. Explore, learn, and become a part of the unfolding narrative that is reshaping the future through synthetic biology. Learn more about this topic at the 2024 UNC Cleantech Summit.


This article was written by Jason Yan, a Cleantech Corner Initiative intern.

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