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Earth Day is Every Day

April 19, 2021 Earth Day

One of the most frustrating parts of environmentalism, in my opinion, is the tendency for portrayal as a movement for a specific subset of people. In hearing the term “environmentalist,” it’s hard not to think of “tree huggers” or vegan liberals living out of their vans in California. However, environmentalism encompasses all of us, and how we treat the Earth directly correlates with the well-being of our health, economy, and future.

In celebrating Earth Day, the IE Cleantech Corner interns wanted to recognize that environmentalism is relevant for all people, every day. This is the vision behind our video. We hope it demonstrates this message and encourages others to realize that we are a collective in building a more sustainable future.

As the environment means something different to everyone, we ask you to reflect upon what it means to you and take time to recognize how sustainability intersects your interests (because we promise it does).

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About the Author

Written by Tatum Pryor, a freshman at UNC majoring in Environmental Studies with a Food Studies and Business Administration Minor.