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Chris Castro

Cleantech Game Changer: Chris Castro, Chief of Staff, U.S. Department of Energy

Where you bank matters, because who you let invest your capital can determine our collective future. Chris Castro has dedicated his entire career to advancing sustainability and clean technology. From founding IDEAS For Us, a student organization turned global NGO … Read more


Empower Cleantech in NC with Anna J Siefken

The 2023 UNC Cleantech Summit included several tracks, including one called “Building Foundations for Cleantech in the Mid-Atlantic.” North Carolina has many resources that can propel the region into a nationally recognized powerhouse for cleantech, but what does that path … Read more

Battery graphic

Critical Minerals in Battery Manufacturing

This year’s Cleantech Summit was UNC’s largest event yet, with more than 200 speakers across multiple sectors and companies gathered from around the globe to share their knowledge and perspective about cleantech. One of which was Dr. Elisa Alonso of … Read more


Terry Boston: His Story, Lessons for Today

As part of the IE Cleantech Corner Initiative, the UNC student group that helps develop content and speakers for the Cleantech Summit, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Terry Boston who will be speaking on many panels at this … Read more

Puzzle pieces

Environmental Solutions – Pieces Are Sorted, but How Do We Put Them Together?

Imagine you are putting jigsaw puzzle pieces together. Despite having the puzzle box photo as your key, the 5,000 pieces may drive you nuts. Contemporary environmental challenges are similar to, or even more mind-binding than, puzzling. We have the vision of a clean and equitable economy … Read more

virtual board with hand

Paving a Path in Clean Energy with Mr. David Nenon, Supply Chain Manager for Ford Motor Company

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to interview one of the Cleantech panelists and a 2014 UNC-Chapel Hill alum, Mr. David Nenon, for the Supply Chain and Manufacturing Track. Mr. Nenon currently works as a supply chain manager for … Read more

Sarah Masters interviews industry source, Bill Capp, about the current state of energy storage and its future.

Energy Storage with Bill Capp: Now and Where We Are Going

The planning process for the 2023 UNC Cleantech Summit is well underway to book keynotes, panelists, and special guests.  As part of the IE Cleantech Corner Initiative, the UNC student group that helps develop content and speakers for this annual … Read more

school buses

Electric School Buses Are Coming To North Carolina

Melanie Elliott took a risk when she left her job as a Starbucks store manager to study physics and astronomy at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2017, but she refused to stay in a career in which she felt unfulfilled. Elliott’s classes … Read more

electric vehicle

Ending Range Anxiety

Marcy Bauer, senior vice president of program delivery for Evgo joined our IE Cleantech Corner webinar series for “Ending Range Anxiety.” During this webinar, she shared current trends impacting the adoption and accessibility of electric vehicles and charging stations with … Read more

Earth Day

Earth Day is Every Day

One of the most frustrating parts of environmentalism, in my opinion, is the tendency for portrayal as a movement for a specific subset of people. In hearing the term “environmentalist,” it’s hard not to think of “tree huggers” or vegan … Read more