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A view of Oxford during the UNC Burch Cleantech Europe trip.

Carbon Capture and Management During Burch Cleantech Europe Trip

The Honors Carolina Burch Sustainability Seminar has officially made it to our final week in Europe. With the past three weeks focused primarily on renewable energy and clean technology, we traveled to Oxford to spend our last company visit with … Read more

Students watched the interview with Naked Energy during the UNC Burch Cleantech Europe trip.

How Undaunted Helps European Companies Accelerate

Thursday marked the second to last day for the Burch group, and it did not disappoint! In the morning we visited Undaunted, a company that supports innovations to mitigate climate change through knowledge exchange and collaboration. Undaunted’s core focus is … Read more

Earth Day

Earth Day is Every Day

One of the most frustrating parts of environmentalism, in my opinion, is the tendency for portrayal as a movement for a specific subset of people. In hearing the term “environmentalist,” it’s hard not to think of “tree huggers” or vegan … Read more

Enpira Data Analysis Energy Usage Cleantech Corner Blog

Enpira and Energy Data Analysis: Insightful, Actionable, and Personalized

Working virtually but headquartered in Durham NC, Enpira was founded by Daniel Kauffman to provide utilities and energy consumers with software and data analysis to better manage energy usage. Enpira serves three customer types: electric utilities, building portfolios, and energy … Read more

Robocist Blog Cleantech Corner Stories Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence System Monitors Road Conditions with Triple Bottom Line Benefits

Robocist is a Raleigh-based startup founded in 2015. They are a team of 12 members who have developed an artificial intelligence software system that captures data on the conditions of roads. Their innovative software is able to capture road condition … Read more

sheep and solar panels

Sustainability through Solar Powered Sheep

Can the sum of two things be worth more than the individual parts?  In the case of solar farms and sheep, the answer is yes. The Cornelius based company, Sun Raised Foods is doing just that, using the symbiotic relationship … Read more


Springclean: Repurposing Your Textile Waste

Over the past decade, the textile industry has received a lot of criticism for promulgating “fast fashion” – a term that neatly encapsulates the horrors of a multi trillion-dollar industry built on extractive and exploitative practices. With only 2% of … Read more

Black Cotton

Connecting the Community to Culture through Black Cotton

Julius Tillery is making cotton farming cool.  As a fifth-generation cotton farmer, Julius Tillery wanted to take his family’s farm and turn it into a trendy, sustainable business.  His idea? Growing cotton for the purpose of art and decor.  “We … Read more

Good Solar UNC Cleantech Startups

Good Solar: Bringing Solar to America One Community at a Time

North Carolina prides itself with its significant amount of solar power, coming in second nationally with 5.8 percent of the state’s electricity generated from solar panels. This profitable, clean energy source, used both at a residential and utility scale, holds … Read more