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Enpira and Energy Data Analysis: Insightful, Actionable, and Personalized

October 25, 2020 Enpira Data Analysis Energy Usage Cleantech Corner Blog

Working virtually but headquartered in Durham NC, Enpira was founded by Daniel Kauffman to provide utilities and energy consumers with software and data analysis to better manage energy usage. Enpira serves three customer types: electric utilities, building portfolios, and energy efficiency programs. Here in NC, Enpira’s customers include electric cooperative utilities and several local governments in the Triangle.

Since its incorporation in 2017, Enpira has found a market for their software with small and medium-size electric utility providers across the state. These energy companies need high-quality data services but are not large enough to have in-house data analysts or to afford expensive enterprise software. Enpira’s cloud-hosted software and custom analytics enable them to provide utilities with a suite of energy savings program services, improving utility customer engagement, and evaluation of program performance. Enpira is also popular with Sustainability Managers of local governments as Enpira’s software enables them to better manage energy use across their buildings, find energy savings opportunities, and track emissions over time. Enpira is also working with the state Weatherization Assistance Program, part of the NC Department of Environment Quality, where they collect data on weatherized homes and measure energy savings from improvements over time.

In addition to Daniel, Enpira’s team includes several software developers who manage Enpira’s database and produce the user interface. Enpira also produces reports and emails to help utilities engage their customers in energy savings initiatives. Enpira’s software is continually updated and improved as customers suggest features and Enpira expands its applications. Enpira is constantly evolving and adapting their services to provide a great user experience and expand into new services and markets.

The next stage in Enpira’s development is to scale up their clientele, working with more clients across the region and around the country. Most of their current users have come to them through word of mouth of other Enpira users. Due to their organic growth, Enpira has not yet had to emphasize attracting new customers through marketing and advertising, however that will be a natural next step in their expansion. Enpira’s motto is “Insightful, Actionable, Personalized” and it is very clear that their services and business model help their clients better manage energy usage, ultimately for a better planet.

About the Author

Grace Elliott, B. A. Environmental Studies and Public Policy, Class of 2022, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill