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UNC Cleantech Summit topic about electric vehicles with an illuminated EV charging station

How Power Companies are Supporting the Transition to Electric Vehicles

As consumers continue to adopt electric vehicles (EVs), power companies play a crucial role in supporting this shift. Power companies can support their customers by offering specific EV-focused rates, programs, and advisory services. I recently had the opportunity to interview … Read more

Sarah Masters interviews industry source, Bill Capp, about the current state of energy storage and its future.

Energy Storage with Bill Capp: Now and Where We Are Going

The planning process for the 2023 UNC Cleantech Summit is well underway to book keynotes, panelists, and special guests.  As part of the IE Cleantech Corner Initiative, the UNC student group that helps develop content and speakers for this annual … Read more

Enpira Data Analysis Energy Usage Cleantech Corner Blog

Enpira and Energy Data Analysis: Insightful, Actionable, and Personalized

Working virtually but headquartered in Durham NC, Enpira was founded by Daniel Kauffman to provide utilities and energy consumers with software and data analysis to better manage energy usage. Enpira serves three customer types: electric utilities, building portfolios, and energy … Read more