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Paul Hollis

February 19, 2024

Paul Hollis, an honors undergraduate junior from Atlanta, Georgia, majors in Environmental Science with a focus on Quantitative Energy Systems and a minor in Statistics. He has interests in renewable energy development as well as clean technologies. Inspired by the … Read more

MacKenzie Swartz

February 19, 2024

MacKenzie Swartz is a junior from Benson, NC, majoring in Economics and minoring in Business and Entrepreneurship. She is particularly interested in sustainable textiles and developing solutions to environmental issues faced within the fashion industry, beginning with each step of … Read more

Jackson Lefler

December 1, 2023

Jackson is a freshman at UNC interested in pursuing a career that combines business with sustainability. He plans to major in environmental science on the quantitative energy systems track and minor in business administration and statistics. Besides being an intern … Read more

Cleo Carter

November 28, 2023

Cleo Carter is a junior from Albemarle, NC, majoring in Public Policy and Political Science. She is passionate about using public policy to lead the global energy transition. Cleo is especially interested in decarbonizing the electricity sector through upgraded infrastructure … Read more

Josie Harper

November 28, 2023

Josie Harper is a sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill studying Business and Environmental Studies with a focus on sustainability. She is interested in pursuing a career that combines business and sustainability, with most interest in environmental consulting for businesses. As a … Read more

Jason Yan

November 27, 2023

Jason Yan is a junior from Charlotte, NC majoring in Public Health: Environmental Health Sciences with a minor in Data Science. He is passionate about climate change equity and advancing a sustainable future. Interning at Cypress Creek Renewables this past … Read more

Claire Stewart

November 27, 2023

Claire Stewart is a second-year student studying Environmental Science and Statistics. I am passionate about renewable energy and decarbonizing the grid. The Cleantech Summit has allowed me to connect with many professionals and gain experience in the clean energy sector.

Abigail Schudel

November 27, 2023

Abigail Schudel is a sophomore from Durham, NC pursuing a major in environmental science. She is interested in the role that clean technology has in environmental justice. Learning about policy and economics’ role in encouraging more sustainable practices in Dr. … Read more

Sarah Rogers

November 27, 2023

Sarah Rogers is a junior from Dallas, TX., majoring in Environmental Studies on the Sustainability Track and minoring in Business and Entrepreneurship. She is interested in bridging the gap between traditional and renewable energy systems to create more sustainable and … Read more

Anthony Buckley

November 27, 2023

Anthony Buckley is an honors undergraduate at UNC-Chapel Hill majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Public Policy. His interests center around green economic development and renewable energy policy, specifically in rural areas. He is interested in finding ways to … Read more