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Focus on Climate

Since 2007, the Center for Public Engagement with Science has been working to promote climate literacy among todays’ K-12 students and teachers. Increasingly, we are using the lens of climate resilience to promote climate literacy in an effort to position youth to develop solutions and advocate for actions that prepare communities to adapt to climate change, mitigate emissions and ultimately protect human health and well-being.


Five teens on a boat

GEO Explorers

A one-week geoscience-focused summer institute during which middle and high school youth explore the hydrology of Eastern North Carolina from local river basins to the ocean, learning about climate impacts and solutions in their local community and investigating geoscience careers along the way.

People look at a sediment core in a pond.

Geoscience Teaching Outdoors in NC

Geoscience Teaching Outdoors in NC is designed to engage middle and high school STEM teachers and their students in hands-on, inquiry-based activities to support student learning about earth and environmental science.

Youth in the Teen Climate Ambassador program create a model climate resilient city using cardboard.

YES Resilience: SEE Solutions

A multi-site project to support informal educators and diverse youth in developing locally relevant solutions to climate impacts in their communities, fostering youth environmental health literacy for climate resilience.

Climate Resources