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Flux Hybrids: Bringing the Future of Electric Cars to the Present

July 6, 2020 Flux Hybrid Trucks

As hybrid and electric cars continue to rise in popularity, more people are becoming environmentally conscious and realize the impact of their carbon footprint. Transportation comprises a significant amount of the carbon, in 2018, transportation comprised 28% of the United States total emissions of 6.4 billion tons of carbon emitted that year. As a result, electric and hybrid cars offer a simple and effective solution to mitigating carbon emissions, especially when the electric energy they use is produced with sustainable energy sources.

Flux Hybrid aims to allow anyone to become eco-friendlier and reduce their carbon emissions, without having to buy a whole new car. With their conversion kits, any car can become a hybrid, lowering emissions and fuel costs. Currently, Flux Hybrids is focused on providing kits to commercial fleets, specifically vans and pickup trucks which produce more carbon emissions than most other cars. Furthermore, the kit also includes smart data tracking for owners to reference and see how they can utilize their fuel efficiently.

The idea originated from a group project that all four founding members worked on together during their time as Engineering students at North Carolina State University. The design class combined engineers from all disciplines into teams that had to generate 300 novel ideas. After the team decided to focus on a hybrid kit, market research and product development comprised the next step. Their idea continued after they graduated, and with the help of grants from the university, the now-founded company continues to develop their vision. By partnering with an auto shop in Raleigh, NC, the company continues to refine their kits to be ready for the implementation phase.  In the near future, Flux Hybrid hopes to partner with NC State to launch a pilot program and convert a few of their commercial vehicles with the kit.

With intense oil price fluctuations and lower emission caps in the future, Flux Hybrids projects that the demand for conversion kits will only increase in the future. Furthermore, the company recognizes the need for balance between sustainability and money. As a result, Flux Hybrid designed their products to have a solid return on investment, with most kits paying for themselves in as little as five years. With the money saved on gas, and reduced maintenance costs from an efficient motor, consumers stay happy with their solid investments.

Flux Hybrid’s vision supports a cleaner, greener future for all. Their affordable kits offer simple yet powerful solutions that let all people contribute to a decrease in carbon emissions while also enjoying a steady return on investment. We look forward to seeing all that Flux Hybrid  accomplishes and encourages readers to learn more on their website.

About the Author

Alexandra Parvin, Business Administration, Class of 2023