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Transportation Museum

British History: Impacts on the Environment

After an eventful day of sightseeing, scavenger hunting, and distinctively British experiences, our second day of UK programming saw us take a trip to London’s fantastic Docklands and Transportation Museums. Each of these institutions holds an extensive overview of the … Read more

Biking in Rotterdam

The Future of Bike Infrastructure and Green Hydrogen in the Netherlands

The 9th of June was a particularly stimulating day, with a good balance between work and leisure. Students in the UNC Burch Sustainability program have learned a few main concepts today: (1) cities are growing and infrastructure for bikes is … Read more

One of the world’s largest offshore wind turbines currently being tested onshore, named the Haliade-X

The Energy Transition: Up Close at TNO labs and the Port of Rotterdam

The Burch Fellowship Students immersed themselves first-hand in the energy transition with two site visits today with TNO labs and the Port of Rotterdam. These site visits provided us with the tools and knowledge to advance in the future of … Read more

school buses

Electric School Buses Are Coming To North Carolina

Melanie Elliott took a risk when she left her job as a Starbucks store manager to study physics and astronomy at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2017, but she refused to stay in a career in which she felt unfulfilled. Elliott’s classes … Read more

electric vehicle

Ending Range Anxiety

Marcy Bauer, senior vice president of program delivery for Evgo joined our IE Cleantech Corner webinar series for “Ending Range Anxiety.” During this webinar, she shared current trends impacting the adoption and accessibility of electric vehicles and charging stations with … Read more

Robocist Blog Cleantech Corner Stories Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence System Monitors Road Conditions with Triple Bottom Line Benefits

Robocist is a Raleigh-based startup founded in 2015. They are a team of 12 members who have developed an artificial intelligence software system that captures data on the conditions of roads. Their innovative software is able to capture road condition … Read more

Flux Hybrid Trucks

Flux Hybrids: Bringing the Future of Electric Cars to the Present

As hybrid and electric cars continue to rise in popularity, more people are becoming environmentally conscious and realize the impact of their carbon footprint. Transportation comprises a significant amount of the carbon, in 2018, transportation comprised 28% of the United … Read more


How Microgrid Labs is Electrifying Fleets

Narayanan Sankar, co-founder and chief operating officer of Microgrid Labs, was one of the panelists at the Clean Tech Summit in February. He spoke about electric vehicles and what Microgrid Labs is doing regarding fleet electrification. Microgrid Labs is a … Read more


Transit Innovation and Career Paths: Meet Jerome Horne

Jerome Horne, a Ridership Experience Specialist, will be speaking at the Clean Tech Summit on February 20th on the Future of Bus Rapid Transit is Electric Panel. Mr. Horne has been working at IndyGo, a corporation that manages Indianapolis’s public … Read more

Keith Benjamin City of Charleston UNC Clean Tech Summit

Innovations in Mobility: Meet Keith Benjamin of City of Charleston

On this year’s “Transforming Our Transportation Systems” track, we are thrilled to welcome City of Charleston’s Director of the Department of Traffic and Transportation, Keith Benjamin. Benjamin has an outstanding history of work that sets him apart in his field. … Read more