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Transportation Museum

British History: Impacts on the Environment

After an eventful day of sightseeing, scavenger hunting, and distinctively British experiences, our second day of UK programming saw us take a trip to London’s fantastic Docklands and Transportation Museums. Each of these institutions holds an extensive overview of the … Read more

BlueCity, a circular economy incubator, and an innovation hub

Rotterdam, Netherlands: Burch Tackles Resilience in Action

Students in the UNC Burch Sustainability program have learned one main concept from this day: how to move cities forward in a sustainable and resilient way. We feel as though we could conquer anything and it has only been the … Read more

Marieke van Doorninck, director of Kennisland

Fireside Chat with Marieke van Doorninck, Amsterdam’s Former Deputy Mayor

The myriad of environmental issues lying before us marks a moment where diversity of thought is more important than ever. As the next generation of innovators, the UNC Burch Fellowship program had a one-on-one fireside discussion with Amsterdam’s former deputy … Read more

Basel SBB, the largest train station in Basel and the site for our first briefing

Basel: On the border of Switzerland, Germany and France

On yet another busy day on the 2023 Burch Sustainability Program, the group took a trip with Steffen of Innovation Academy to Basel, a gorgeous city situated right at – and in some places, over – the borders of Switzerland, … Read more

The Centraal railway station, Rotterdam

Rotterdam: Dynamic Designs and Public Spaces

Stepping off the night train from Freiburg to Rotterdam, anticipation ran through my veins. Rotterdam is a city in the Netherlands that has gained recognition for its urban landscape and sustainable architecture. After dropping off the luggage at the hostel, … Read more

Notre Dame

Strasbourg: Learnings from Critical Modernization

The Cathedral Notre Dame of Strasbourg stands 446 feet tall and is a celebrated symbol of the city. It has stood at the center of Strasbourg, a small city located in eastern France near the German border, for over five … Read more

Rieselfeld, Germany green landscaping

Rieselfeld and Vauban: Bike Tour of Europe’s Most Sustainable City

By embarking on a cycling tour throughout the city of Freiburg, students in the Burch Sustainability Research Field Seminar were able to immerse themselves in the mobility and residential aspects of living in Europe’s most sustainable city. We rose at … Read more

Puzzle pieces

Environmental Solutions – Pieces Are Sorted, but How Do We Put Them Together?

Imagine you are putting jigsaw puzzle pieces together. Despite having the puzzle box photo as your key, the 5,000 pieces may drive you nuts. Contemporary environmental challenges are similar to, or even more mind-binding than, puzzling. We have the vision of a clean and equitable economy … Read more

flowers on bike path

The Impact of Greenway-oriented Development

Increasing urbanization and the need for denser cities are making developers around the world wonder: how do we revitalize our cities? Greenway-oriented development is the future of mid-sized and developing cities around the world. Dabney Sanders and other members of … Read more

When Water Infrastructure Fails image for Sarah Padyk blog IE Cleantech Corner

When Water Infrastructure Fails: PFAS and Eastern NC’s Drinking Water

Over the last decades, access to clean and safe drinking water in the U.S. has become more prevalent in the news cycle. Stories of Flint, Michigan, Inez, Kentucky, and the Navajo Nation have increased the public’s awareness to a startling … Read more