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The G-Tower is the “control center” for Songdo’s smart city. CCTV cameras throughout the city feed real-time info to the building, which is converted to data. This data can then be used to improve the standard of living of those in the city.

Songdo: The World’s Smartest City?

A Brief Analysis of Songdo’s Progress as a Smart City “It feels like I’m looking into the future”, was just one of the comments I overheard as we stared from the top of the G-Tower’s observatory, out into Songdo’s skyline. … Read more

Philip Mezey speaks at the UNC Cleantech Summit.

How Curiosity and History Shaped the Career of a Clean Tech CEO

Philip Mezey, the recent past CEO of Itron, majored in history. While Mezey had the basic technical skills required to work in a technology field, he believes that skills in reasoning, decision making, understanding group dynamics, and the practice of … Read more