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Wooden blocks with letters spell out the work surety for this UNC Cleantech Summit topic about the impact of surety bonds on the cleantech economy.

The Impact of Surety Bonds on the Cleantech Economy

It’s no secret that large-scale projects, especially those in renewable power, entail risks, particularly due to the incorporation of newer technologies. This is where surety bonds come into play, an area of expertise for Rosenberg & Parker.  What is Surety?  … Read more

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Understanding Local Green Banks: Montgomery County Green Bank

Within the past two decades, a new type of value-based banking has emerged: green banking. While this form of banking has a wide array of goals, at the core of the movement is a dedication to financing green solutions meant … Read more

Behind the Scenes of Clean Energy Investment – Regional Powers

Aaron Brickman thinks that North Carolina is a powerhouse of renewable innovations. Track 5 of UNC’s Cleantech Summit focuses on the development of cleantech in the Mid-Atlantic region. With North Carolina leading the way, the region is quickly attracting major … Read more


ESG Integration: Is it enough?

There is no doubt that sustainability issues are dominating today’s headlines. As the public and private sectors are increasingly recognizing the urgency of addressing the challenges raised by climate change, corporate firms, and investors are seeking to consider environmental, social, … Read more

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Paving a Path in Clean Energy with Mr. David Nenon, Supply Chain Manager for Ford Motor Company

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to interview one of the Cleantech panelists and a 2014 UNC-Chapel Hill alum, Mr. David Nenon, for the Supply Chain and Manufacturing Track. Mr. Nenon currently works as a supply chain manager for … Read more

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The World of Climate Investing with Alsey Davidson

The Cleantech Summit advocates for the essential collaboration between the finance world and the environmental movement. We welcome professionals to the Summit like Asley Davidson, a professional at BlackRock, who works at the intersection of finance and decarbonization. Davidson came … Read more

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Discussing Impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act with RMI’s Lachlan Carey

The clean energy transition is everchanging with new technologies, markets, and policies. Following the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) on Aug. 22, 2022, change is more rapid than ever before. In preparation for the 2023 UNC Cleantech Summit, … Read more

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[Video Series] Key Issues Driving Green Hydrogen

In this video series from Pillsbury, a sponsor of the 2022 UNC Cleantech Summit, you will hear from four attorneys who work in the energy and sustainability industry. They share that green hydrogen is a key element for the global … Read more

Green finance blog image Cleantech Corner student

What is Green Finance and Why it Matters

Green Financing, as defined by the UN Environment Programme, “is to increase the level of financial flows (from banking, micro-credit, insurance, and investment) from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to sustainable development priorities” (UNEP). Green Finance for many years … Read more

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Meet the Speaker: Lisa Shpritz from Bank of America

As companies begin to invest and promote sustainable business, Lisa Shpritz, Senior Vice President and Environmental Business & Engagement Executive at Bank of America, is at the front of the initiative. During her fifteen years working within Bank of America, … Read more