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Rootop solar in Germany

Rural Communities and Renewable Energy in Southwest Germany

After a long day of exploring the rural German countryside, there’s much to take away apart from how freaking cute 1-week old cows are. Our group’s thoughts about rural communities went from farming and conservatism to sustainable innovation and the … Read more

Hargrove Bridge

Freiburg, Germany Burch Cleantech Europe Trip, Day One

The first day of class in Freiburg, Germany was definitely a whirlwind adventure, and certainly educational. Personally, my day started when I decided to roll out of bed 15 minutes before a 7 am run with some of the girls. … Read more

Uncertainties in the Blue Carbon Space: A Conversation with Antonio Rodriguez

As blue carbon and other nature-based solutions become more and more prevalent in sustainability conversations, many are raising questions about the efficacy and value of these carbon offsetting projects. After attending invigorating panels on established and nascent blue carbon solutions … Read more

school buses

Electric School Buses Are Coming To North Carolina

Melanie Elliott took a risk when she left her job as a Starbucks store manager to study physics and astronomy at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2017, but she refused to stay in a career in which she felt unfulfilled. Elliott’s classes … Read more

flowers on bike path

The Impact of Greenway-oriented Development

Increasing urbanization and the need for denser cities are making developers around the world wonder: how do we revitalize our cities? Greenway-oriented development is the future of mid-sized and developing cities around the world. Dabney Sanders and other members of … Read more

electric vehicle

Ending Range Anxiety

Marcy Bauer, senior vice president of program delivery for Evgo joined our IE Cleantech Corner webinar series for “Ending Range Anxiety.” During this webinar, she shared current trends impacting the adoption and accessibility of electric vehicles and charging stations with … Read more

TOSA Bus UNC Clean Tech Summit

TOSA, ABB and the Electrification of Fleets

The Transportation Panel at this year’s UNC Clean Tech Summit features speakers with a broad range of environmental knowledge and experience. Among them are Gary Rackliffe who serves as VP of Market Development and Innovation in North America for ABB … Read more

Lisa Shpritz

Meet the Speaker: Lisa Shpritz from Bank of America

As companies begin to invest and promote sustainable business, Lisa Shpritz, Senior Vice President and Environmental Business & Engagement Executive at Bank of America, is at the front of the initiative. During her fifteen years working within Bank of America, … Read more

Sec. Regan Speaks at the UNC Cleantech Summit.

The Electricity Grid as an iPhone

Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, Michael Regan, is moving NC toward a cleaner future by urging the community to think of the energy grid as an iPhone -both accessible and multifunctional in nature. Just as an … Read more