Meet A Student

Beth Hieronymus

Beth Hieronymus
Class of 2015

Beth is a senior from Pinehurst, NC majoring in Business Administration and Environmental Studies. Her experiences at Carolina have taken her from working with communities in North Carolina to working with companies around the world. Read more about her UNC experience

Research Spotlight

Laura Moore
Laura Moore, Assistant Professor, Department of Geological Sciences

Laura's research focuses on the large-scale geologic and modern evolution of coastal environments with an emphasis on understanding the impacts of climate change on modern coastal systems. Laura is speaking at the UNC Climate Change Symposium on April 10. Read more about her work

The Institute for the Environment (IE) catalyzes and advances interdisciplinary environmental research to solve local to global challenges, educates the next generation of leaders committed to the health and stewardship of our planet, and informs and engages the public to enable environmental problem solving.

IE seeks solutions to critical environmental issues - including those related to water resources, public health, energy, climate change, air quality, land-use change, and biodiversity - to enable sustainable human communities and their coexistence with natural systems.