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Process of green hydrogen by Matt White during UNC Burch Cleantech Europe trip

Green Hydrogen and Sustainability as the Future of Design

The day began with students gathered in the UNC Winston House with coffee in hand. The morning was dedicated to working on a challenging case study paper. We bounced ideas off one another, allowing us to think critically and approach … Read more

Biking in Rotterdam

The Future of Bike Infrastructure and Green Hydrogen in the Netherlands

The 9th of June was a particularly stimulating day, with a good balance between work and leisure. Students in the UNC Burch Sustainability program have learned a few main concepts today: (1) cities are growing and infrastructure for bikes is … Read more

Roser Farm, Freiburg Germany

Freiburg Germany: Renewable Energy, Rural Development, and Energy Cooperatives

Our morning began bright and early at 8:30 AM when a classmate, Kyle Daniels, gave us a briefing on what we should expect from the day: excursions full of renewable energies, rural development, and energy cooperatives. After breakfast, we hopped … Read more


Empower Cleantech in NC with Anna J Siefken

The 2023 UNC Cleantech Summit included several tracks, including one called “Building Foundations for Cleantech in the Mid-Atlantic.” North Carolina has many resources that can propel the region into a nationally recognized powerhouse for cleantech, but what does that path … Read more

Hydrogen Photo Sarah Masters Blog

Hydrogen as a Clean Fuel – What You Need to Know

This year’s UNC Cleantech Summit on March 27-28, 2023 will feature a panel about clean hydrogen. I had the pleasure of speaking with the panel’s moderator, Jay Dauenhauer, about what we should know about these topics going into the Summit. Jay is … Read more

Pillsbury blog image

[Video Series] Key Issues Driving Green Hydrogen

In this video series from Pillsbury, a sponsor of the 2022 UNC Cleantech Summit, you will hear from four attorneys who work in the energy and sustainability industry. They share that green hydrogen is a key element for the global … Read more

TC Energy and the Global Energy Transition Blog Image

Using Pipeline Infrastructure for Hydrogen Hubs, Carbon Grid

While many clean energy solutions focus on new technology and infrastructure, one energy leader is re-imaging its existing pipelines to distribute power capacity using a range of renewable energy and clean fuels. TransCanada Energy, or TC Energy, a leader in … Read more