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Pictured above is the sign placed outside of the Clean Energy Associates (CEA) office. CEA has brought higher quality solar and storage technology to the table. By providing quality assurance, supply chain management, engineering services, and market intelligence reports, CEA is ensuring that green technology maximizes efficiency and productivity.

A Pioneer in Clean Energy: Andy Klump, Founder of CEA

Prior to visiting Clean Energy Associates, I encountered a list of core values on its website, including words like family, friendliness, and innovation. Walking into the company felt exactly like what I expected — the energy of the room definitely … Read more

model of Qinshan’s nuclear plant with lights to show the flow of energy throughout the entire system

Nuclear Power in China

On June 1, 2019, we had the honor of visiting the Qinshan nuclear power plant in Shanghai, China in order to learn more about China’s goals of nuclear energy for the future. In my opinion this was one of the … Read more

Everyone smiling at the meeting room of AIWAYS Automotive.

AIWAYS Automotive + Shanghai Urban Planning Museum

Electric vehicles and smart cities seem to play a big role for the future development of an overpopulated world.  After getting a big breakfast at our hotel, we headed to the offices of AIWAYS Automotive in Yangpu, close to Shanghai’s … Read more

high tech building

BYD and the Green Dream

During our tour of BYD headquarters in Shenzhen China, we learned that this electric automotive manufacturer is focused on providing an all-inclusive solution to urban emissions and traffic congestion. BYD has four main industries; automotive, electronics, new energy, and rail … Read more

Pictured above are the charging piles which electrify the buses. These are located at the depots.

The First and Largest 100 Percent Electric Bus Fleet: Shenzhen Bus Group

Pictured above are the charging piles which electrify the buses. These are located at the depots. On June 5, we visited a depot of Shenzhen Bus Group (SZBG), as well as their headquarters. At the depot, we were given an … Read more

The company motto within the employee training space, also called “Mini University”.

Envision Energy: Building a Global Smart Energy Ecosystem

On May 30, 2019, we traveled to the city of Jiangyin in the Jiangsu Province to visit Envision Energy. Envision Energy was founded in 2007 by Lei Zhang on the basis that everyone deserves access to “clean, secure, and affordable … Read more

Korea Development Bank Logo

Seoul Day 5: The Korea Development Bank

On Wednesday, our group visited the Korea Development Bank (KDB). We first gathered at the hotel for a presentation I gave on the company. My presentation outlined the key facts about the KDB so everyone would have a knowledge base … Read more

Ruins from the Joseon Dynasty beneath the new City Hall in Seoul now serve as an informational exhibit.

Seoul Smart City

We started the day with a visit to Seoul’s new City Hall, constructed in a way that overshadows the former one with modern curves and glass. When construction began, ruins from the Joseon dynasty of Korea were discovered under layers … Read more

The G-Tower is the “control center” for Songdo’s smart city. CCTV cameras throughout the city feed real-time info to the building, which is converted to data. This data can then be used to improve the standard of living of those in the city.

Songdo: The World’s Smartest City?

A Brief Analysis of Songdo’s Progress as a Smart City “It feels like I’m looking into the future”, was just one of the comments I overheard as we stared from the top of the G-Tower’s observatory, out into Songdo’s skyline. … Read more


Samsung, Korea’s Technological Steward into the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Two representatives from Samsung’s renewable energy division began their presentation with a rhetorical question: “What comes to mind when you think of Samsung?”  I instantly reached into my pocket and held out my Galaxy S9, and various voices around the … Read more