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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Matt DiLeo

Matt DiLeo
Director, Scientific Operations
ELO Life Systems


Matthew DiLeo is the Director of Scientific Operations at Elo Life Systems, a Durham, North Carolina based company with a mission to develop products that improve human health and wellness.  

Matt is a proven technical leader with over 10 years of experience developing agricultural biotechnology discovery and validation platforms in the areas of plant genetics, gene editing, microbials and controlled environment agriculture. He has established new R&D teams and laboratories at Elo Life Systems and, prior to this, at Novozymes (NVSMY), as part of the BioAg Alliance with Monsanto. Previously, Matt developed computational gene discovery and phenotyping tools at KeyGene, Inc. He received his Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from UC Davis and trained as a postdoctoral scholar at the Boyce Thompson Institute in Ithaca, NY studying the metabolomic and phenotypic impacts of various genetic engineering technologies. 

Matt is currently leading the development of integrated technical and operational workflows to enable Elo Life Systems to effectively partner with key stakeholders throughout the food systems supply chain to enable consumer-facing companies to meet market demand for healthy, nutritional, climate-smart and sustainable foods.  

Elo Life Systems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Precision BioSciences (NASDAQ: DTIL).