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2023 Cleantech Panelist Speaker

Damian Beauchamp

President, Chief Development Officer

8 Rivers


Damian is a passionate entrepreneur, innovator, and chemist hell-bent on changing the world, specifically in the energy sector. He has a deep technical expertise in chemistry and a broad technical understanding. Damian graduated magna cum laude from Kent State University in 2012 where he was an undergraduate research assistant and focused on synthesized organic liquid crystals. In 2012, he joined The Ohio State University as a chemistry graduate student focusing on energy materials, organic synthesis, (photo)electrochemist, solar fuels, catalysis, and batteries. While at OSU, he helped develop, hybrid solar energy conversion/storage devices. In 2013, while at OSU, Damian founded and lead Kair Battery. In, 2015 he invented CAScan, an innovative chemical inventory platform, with a colleague from Yale. In 2016, he left OSU to accept an offer to join the team at 8 Rivers working to develop and commercialize industrial scale sustainable technologies with billion dollar market potential.