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A lined impoundment on the Wright Chemical Corp. property.

The Wright Chemical Corp. site is located in Riegelwood, NC. Riegelwood is a rural community in Columbus County with a population of about 4,190 people in 2012; approximately 79 people live within one-half mile of the site.

The major industries in the community are pulp and paper production, dimension lumber, and specialty chemical production.

The property that has been identified as an NPL site is about 80 acres in size and covers an area where phosphate fertilizer manufacturing occurred from the 1880s through the early 1990s (US EPA, 2012).

The fertilizer facility and a lead-chambered sulfuric acid plant at the site contributed to contamination of the soil and stream sediments near the site with arsenic, lead, mercury, and pesticides (dieldrin and gamma chlordane).

The former Wright Chemical facility and the surrounding property are located along the banks of Livingston Creek, a brackish tributary of the Cape Fear River. According to the US EPA (2011):

Sediment in Livingston Creek, a documented fishery containing a federally endangered species, contain an observed release of arsenic, lead, and other metals as well as pesticides at levels exceeding the Probable Effects Level (PEL) for freshwater sediments as set forth by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

For more information about the Wright Chemical Corp. site, visit EPA’s Wright Chemical Corp. site narrative or view ATSDR’s Public Health Assessment.