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Hargrove Bridge

Freiburg, Germany Burch Cleantech Europe Trip, Day One

The first day of class in Freiburg, Germany was definitely a whirlwind adventure, and certainly educational. Personally, my day started when I decided to roll out of bed 15 minutes before a 7 am run with some of the girls. … Read more


Empower Cleantech in NC with Anna J Siefken

The 2023 UNC Cleantech Summit included several tracks, including one called “Building Foundations for Cleantech in the Mid-Atlantic.” North Carolina has many resources that can propel the region into a nationally recognized powerhouse for cleantech, but what does that path … Read more

Hydrogen Photo Sarah Masters Blog

Hydrogen as a Clean Fuel – What You Need to Know

This year’s UNC Cleantech Summit on March 27-28, 2023 will feature a panel about clean hydrogen. I had the pleasure of speaking with the panel’s moderator, Jay Dauenhauer, about what we should know about these topics going into the Summit. Jay is … Read more

Sarah Masters interviews industry source, Bill Capp, about the current state of energy storage and its future.

Energy Storage with Bill Capp: Now and Where We Are Going

The planning process for the 2023 UNC Cleantech Summit is well underway to book keynotes, panelists, and special guests.  As part of the IE Cleantech Corner Initiative, the UNC student group that helps develop content and speakers for this annual … Read more

Sustainable Textiles Blog Image

Changing the Shape of the Textile Industry

When it comes to clothes, the switch from a linear to circular life cycle is crucial to the future of our planet. Marketing for the fashion and textile industries often encourages constant consumerism. Social and print media ads urge us … Read more

Alternative Protein Market Faces Infrastructure Challenges

Alternative Protein Market Faces Infrastructure Challenges

Producers find the lack of production facilities outfitted for meat replacement products prevents an efficient path from product design to market sales. As demand for plant-based protein products continues to increase, the lack of infrastructure to support that growth has … Read more

Green finance blog image Cleantech Corner student

What is Green Finance and Why it Matters

Green Financing, as defined by the UN Environment Programme, “is to increase the level of financial flows (from banking, micro-credit, insurance, and investment) from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to sustainable development priorities” (UNEP). Green Finance for many years … Read more

milk carton

How Alternative Proteins Help to Solve Environmental Challenges

With the impacts of climate change being at an all-time high, the alternative protein industry needs to play a role in mitigating the environmental impacts of the global demand for protein in order to transition to a low carbon society. … Read more

Black Cotton

Connecting the Community to Culture through Black Cotton

Julius Tillery is making cotton farming cool.  As a fifth-generation cotton farmer, Julius Tillery wanted to take his family’s farm and turn it into a trendy, sustainable business.  His idea? Growing cotton for the purpose of art and decor.  “We … Read more

students with check

Student Innovation: An Award-winning Idea

On February 20th, 2020, seniors Olivia Corriere and Zach Walker found themselves on a stage holding a check for $10,000. It all came out of an innovative idea to allow individuals to offset their carbon footprint created from various purchases, … Read more