The Research Translation Core (RTC) focuses on improving scientific and public understanding of how Superfund chemicals harm human health and how to reduce exposure to those chemicals, enabling government officials and the public to make informed decisions about reducing risk.

Core Leader: Kathleen Gray

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Touring the Wright Chemical NPL site in Riegelwood, NC
Government officials and SRP staff tour the Wright Chemical NPL site

Partnering with government agencies

We build partnerships with federal, state and local government agencies to raise awareness of UNC SRP research and assist agencies in addressing their related research and community outreach needs.

Highlighted Projects
Explaining bioavailability to impacted communities
Communicating fish consumption advisories to vulnerable populations
— Eat Fish, Choose Wisely website
Understanding needs of communities around newly created NPL sites

Deploying the ns-PSD developed by Dr. Shea in northern Vietnam
Deploying the ns-PSD developed by Dr. Shea (Project 4)

Moving research into practice

We advance the practical contributions of UNC SRP research through development of decision making tools, intellectual property protection, commercialization of research products and an active partnership with the UNC Office of Technology Development.

Highlighted Projects
Commercializing passive sampling technology to enhance the risk analysis process
Developing decision support tools
Simplifying the chemical risk assessment process in an online workspace


Reaching out to private well owners to reduce exposure to contaminants

Informing private well owners

Over 3 million North Carolinians rely on groundwater as their primary drinking water source. We inform and engage private well owners to help them learn about the extent of well water contamination in North Carolina, how well water contamination could potentially impact their health, and find resources for testing their well water and understanding their results.

Highlighted Projects
Informing Private Well Owners website
Well Empowered Survey

Trainee Samira Brooks explains her research to high school teachers
Trainee Samira Brooks explains her research to high school teachers

Sharing science with broad audiences

We raise awareness among teachers, visitors to local science centers and other broad audiences of SRP research findings and general environmental health concepts related to hazardous chemical exposure.  We also involve SRP-funded student trainees in this work to increase their knowledge of research translation concepts.

Highlighted Projects
Teacher professional development
A Sticky Situation, collaboration with Morehead Planetarium and Science Center
Training scientists to communicate their research broadly