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Terrence Thomas

Terrence Thomas
North Carolina A&T State University


Terrence W. Thomas, PhD. is a professor at North Carolina A&T State University and focuses on the following areas: consumer food shopping behavior and preferences, consumer eating habits and choices in food deserts, role of community-based organizations in community development, complexity collaboration and problem solving in communities and novel organization structures for supporting community development and entrepreneurship.


Ph D: Vocational Education, Louisiana State University, 1989

MS: Continuing and Vocational Education, University of Wisconsin – Madison, 1981

BS: Agriculture, University of West Indies, 1974

Recent Publications

Thomas,  Terrence  Legesse,  Befikadu  Gunden,  Cihat  ( 2019).  Accounting for the impact of Sustainable Agriculture: The Role of Community based organization and local governance structures in promoting Sustainable Agriculture .  In Associate Prof. Jan Moudry and Dr. Jaroslav Bernas,  “Multifunctionality and Impacts of Organic Agriculture”    IntechOopen.

Legesse,  Befikadu  Jefferson Moore,  Kenrett  Thomas,  Terrence  ( 2017).  Impacts of land tenure and property rights on reforestation intervention in Ethiopia.  no  ( 70,  pp. 494-499).   Land Use Policy.

Gunden,  Cihat  Thomas,  Terrence   ( 2017).  Capitalizing on the Relationship among Food-related Values, Food-related Lifestyle and Food-related Behavior for Promoting Healthy Dietary Behavior among Food Desert Residents. .  In Recep EFE, Murat ZENCIRKIRAN, Jan A. WENDT, Zeynal TUMSAVAS, Halil UNA.L Bilyana BORISOVA,  yes    ST. KLIMENT OHRIDSKI UNIVERSITY PRESS SOFIA.

Thomas,  Terrence   Gunden,  Cihat  Miran,  Bulent   ( 2016).  Collaboration: investigating the convergence between theory and practice..  no  ( 6,  7,  ).   Journal of Business and Economics (ISSN 2155-7950):Academic Star Publishing Company.

Thomas,  Terrence   Gunden,  Cihat  ( 2015).  Understanding consumers’ attitudes toward fruits and vegetable attributes: a multi-method approach.  ( 3,  4,  pp. 8).   Journal of Nutritional Therapeutics :Life Science Global.

Gray,  Benjamin   Walker,  Jane  Thomas,  Terrence  ( 2014).  Assessing the performance of a leadership development program through an innovative methodology called the LPI-CL..  ( 13,  ).   Journal of Extension Systems.