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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Sung-Jin (“Jin”) Cho

Sung-Jin (“Jin”) Cho
Founder and CEO
Soelect., Inc


Sung-Jin (“Jin”) Cho, Founder and CEO of Soelect Inc., has over 24 years of industry and academic experience and has earned multiple research excellence and innovation awards. Jin was the director of the nano energy program at JSNN at UNCG/NCA&T State University and has held positions as a lead scientist and program lead at Johnson Controls for the U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC) under the Department of Energy, and research engineer at both Samsung and LG in South Korea. Jin also holds over 40 patents, authored over 40 peer-reviewed papers, won 7 research awards, and earned his PhD at Marquette University in Wisconsin. Jin is leading Soelect to become a top lithium metal anode technology and manufacturing company in the world.