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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Sheetal Shah

Sheetal Shah
Principal Consultant
Food Systems Innovation Consulting


Sheetal has 20 years’ experience in the AgTech Sector working in multi-national companies (Syngenta and Novozymes) in a number of different leadership roles, to develop solutions that enhance on-farm productivity for food, feed and fuel uses.

Early on in her career she established a molecular genetics lab to inform Chemical (insecticide) discovery; later she worked with R&D and Commercial teams to manage projects, programs and portfolios that brought all the different Ag technologies to farmers: Chemical, Biological, Biotech, Breeding, and Integrated Solutions, primarily focused on corn and sugarcane.

More recently her interests have evolved to take a broader view of the global challenges of ensuring quality food access and supply, considering not only on-farm technologies but rather solutions along the whole food system (from farm/lab production, processing, distribution, retail to consumption). She works as a Food Systems consultant aiming to drive technological solutions, knowledge transfer, system changes through markets, technology acceptance and policy, with an emphasis to positively impact smallholder farmers.

 Sheetal holds an MA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University (UK) and a PhD in Developmental Genetics from University College London (UK). She is a professional project manager (PMP) and benefits-focused program manager (MSP).