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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Saskia Visser

Saskia Visser
Head of Programme Circulair and Climate Neutral Society
Wageningen Environmental Research


As a program director of the knowledge development program: Towards a Circular and Climate Neutral Society Dr. Saskia Visser (Wageningen-UR) steers that strategic research agenda for Wageningen-UR. Saskia builds partnerships that jointly seek for circular and climate neutral solutions that contribute to the realization of the SGDs. In her research Saskia integrates physical process-based research with social learning and participatory policy development. She makes use of the theory of transition management in order to assure that scientific research leads to the large scale implementation of circular and climate neutral solutions. Saskia works on topics like Circular agriculture, Sustainable Food Production, Climate Smart Soil & Land Management and Land Use optimization. Saskia is currently co-coordinator of the ambitious European Joint Program on Agricultural Soils under climate change.