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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Sam Whitin

Sam Whitin
New England Operations Manager
EA Engineering, Science & Technology


Mr. Sam Whitin, New England Operations Manager at EA Engineering, Science, & Technology is experienced in multiple disciplines within the environmental consulting industry. Mr. Whitin’s current focus is primarily on the evaluation of biological, chemical, and physical resources as they relate to the development of resilient water dependent habitats throughout the coastal region.

Mr. Whitin has been Project Manager and Project Scientist for various activities including restoration and improvements to a variety of habitat types including salt marsh, freshwater wetland, lacustrine, and riverine. When supporting these activities, he typically leads specialized teams of Engineers, Scientists, and Risk Assessors in the development of habitat assessment reports, hydrologic and hydraulic evaluations, design plans, and project implementation (construction) oversight. Mr. Whitin has experience with regulatory permit applications relating to Section 401 Clean Water Act, NEPA, Section 404, and various state and local wetland regulations.