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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Royston Carter

Royston Carter
Biotechnology Research and Consulting


Relationship-driven leader of innovative cross-functional science and business teams in large and start-up organizations. Proven aptitude to translate disruptive platforms into new products or services. Strong science and broad industry expertise across diverse life science sectors including biomedical, Agbio, biodefense and diagnostics.
• Prioritized opportunities to expand North Carolina’s marine-biotechnology industry
• Secured exclusive partnership to apply proprietary genomics analysis platform in non-biodefense sectors
• Provided strategic-level services including technology scouting, feasibility, and market potential
• Established biotech firm to adapt a biosensor for diagnostics
• Led Ag-Biotech teams for improvement of genetically modified crops
• Developed novel live-cell imaging techniques
• Pioneered development and application of DNA fingerprinting of wild and domestic birds and animals