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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Ricardo Hernandez

Ricardo Hernandez
Assistant Professor of Horticultural Sciences
North Carolina State University


Ricardo Hernández research program is focused in Controlled Environment Horticulture, his research directly translates to indoor production in greenhouses and plant factories/vertical farms. The main environmental components to optimize plant responses are light (intensity and quality), temperature, air movement, humidity and CO2 concentration. With the recent improvement of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), his work is currently focused on the effect of light quality (spectrum), light intensity, and the interaction of light with other environmental factors to improve yield. Overall, his objective is to improve horticultural indoor production while increasing sustainability of current systems. More information of his current research at NCSU can be found at

In addition to his research program at NC State University, Dr. Hernández is a co-founder of a vertical farm start-up focused on the production of propagation material which was funded by two Small Business Research Innovation Grants (USDA). Ricardo serves as the Scientific Adviser to the start-up. For more information