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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Olivia Marx

Olivia Marx
Senior VP New Business Development
P&A Group, LLC


Olivia’s 30 year professional history includes translating key consumer market trends and design for major consumer brands including Wrangler, The Coleman Co., Disney, Target and Walmart.
Olivia is currently the Senior VP of New Business Development with The P&A Group, where she manages a portfolio of businesses that encourages minimizing waste in all resources.  One of the companies, NC-based Epoch Solutions, utilizes hard to employ labor to up-cycle waste products into lawn and garden products, including rain barrels manufactured from used food storage barrels and planter bags made from used billboard material.  Another NC company, P&A Industrial Fabrications, weaves premium pile fabrics for the paint roller industry, with manufacturing focus on minimizing waste and re-purposing excess lint fiber as fill for consumer products.  The P&A Group strives to find ways in all of its companies to minimize waste in resources while maximizing their value – both in the most valuable asset  we have, our people, and in the products manufactured and sold.