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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Niels Lindquist

Niels Lindquist
Joint Professor, IMS and Department of Marine Sciences
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill


Dr. Lindquist conducts field and laboratory experiments to investigate how marine organisms use secondary metabolites as chemical defenses against environmental stressors, such as sun exposure, predation, and fouling. He is especially interested in isolating and identifying natural products that are potentially beneficial to humans. Recent projects include:

  • studies of palatability and chemical defense of marine invertebrate larvae
  • development of a broad spectrum sunscreen comprising natural products of a marine hydroid
  • studies of natural products of North Carolina seaweeds and marine invertebrates, their ecological roles, and possible practical applications (e.g., as anticancer, antiviral, and antibacterial drugs; sunscreens; anti-fouling agents; agrochemicals)

His work is supported by grants from NOAA, North Carolina Sea Grant, the N.C. Biotechnology Center and Coastal Plantations International, Inc.

Please note that — although he is based at IMS — Dr. Lindquist is a member of the Department of Marine Sciences and regularly teaches a course on main campus each spring.