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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Nick Reale

Nick Reale
Senior Project Development Manager


Nick Reale is focused on the development and deployment of utility-scale energy storage installations and microgrids. In his current role, Nick drives the development of complex energy projects, guiding high level system design and coordinating key internal teams, including engineering, legal, finance, and operations. Nick has played a key role in the growth of Tesla’s energy storage and microgrid businesses. In particular, he has been intimately involved with some of the largest and most complex grid-tied and off-grid energy systems Tesla has developed to date. Nick’s project experience includes utility scale storage systems, utility scale PV + storage load shifting solutions, PV-firming storage solutions, and off-grid solar/storage/diesel hybrid microgrids. Nick’s strength as a project developer is founded on his experience as an analyst in the energy field. Nick started in the solar industry as a commercial & utility solar analyst for SunPower. He then joined SolarCity Corporation (now Tesla Energy Operations, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tesla, Inc.) as a project analyst working on commercial solar and energy storage projects. Nick holds a master’s degree from Stanford University and a bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University, both in engineering.