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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Matthew Parrott

Matthew Parrott
Founder and Inventor
Premirr Plastics


Matthew is the Founder and Inventor at Premirr Plastics. Premirr Plastics is an innovative technology company that is addressing the world’s plastics crisis. Premirr has created a new chemical process that provides a simple, sustainable and eco-friendly method to chemically recycle PET plastic. The process converts waste PET material (water & soda bottles, food containers, fleece, polyester clothing, carpeting, and strapping) into commercially viable products including monomers, intermediates, or resins.

Matthew launched Premirr while an Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina. He has over 20 years experience in materials science, chemical engineering and polymer chemistry. Matthew received his PhD in Chemistry from McMaster University, and enjoys volunteering his time with Your Bottle Means Jobs.