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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Luis Suau

Luis Suau
Technical Leader, IoT Business Unit


Luis Suau is a Technical Leader in Cisco’s IOT Business Unit with a dual role as being both a Solution Manager for IOT Remote and Mobile Assets (RaMA) and as a technical leader bringing Cisco Digital Building Solutions to market. In the latter role he develops Building IOT solutions that leverage the intelligence and power of the Cisco PoE/UPOE switching and partner products to reduce customer CapEx and Opex while enhancing building occupant experiences, increasing productivity and providing a safe and flexible environment. Since 2008, Luis has focused on IT Energy Management approaches for Corporate Sustainability including Cisco EnergyWise, Cisco Digital Ceiling and Digital Building Technology while working with partners to develop new applications for building infrastructure with POE, the beginning of creating a DC based Building. He has contributed to Cisco’s annual Corporate Sustainability Report, helped launch Cisco’s Labs Energy Reduction initiatives, and Cisco’s submissions to the Greenpeace Cool IT challenge. Luis began his career at Cisco 1993 as a Corporate Consulting Engineer and has worked on a number of other technology areas such as Video Transport, Data over Cable Service (DOCSIS) and IBM Internetworking. He began his career in IT in 1980 and holds a BBA degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) from Florida International University. In his personal time Luis has served as a member of the Technical Advisory Board for DTV America Inc. and enjoys Automobiles, Photography, and working on home improvement projects.