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Lee Calhoun

Lee Calhoun
Apple Grower / Author


Lee Calhoun graduated from North Carolina State University in 1956 with a BS degree in Agronomy. He entered the US Army upon graduation from college, and remained in the military until retiring in 1976 as a lieutenant colonel. Along the way, he earned an MS degree in Bacteriology at the University of Wisconsin. Lee Calhoun presently owns and operates a small nursery in Pittsboro, North Carolina that specializes in old southern apple varieties.

Lee Calhoun is a nationally known expert on heirloom southern apples. He is the author of the very popular but now out-of-print book, Old Southern Apples, which gives the history of over 1,600 distinct southern apple varieties. For over 30 years, Lee has traveled around the south looking for long-lost apple varieties. Each one comes with its unique history and many are gorgeous to look at and have fascinating names (not to mention quite tasty!). Some were consumed fresh, while others were grown for cider or vinegar or for stewing.