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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Léda Van Doren

Léda Van Doren
Assistant Professor
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill


Léda is a teaching assistant professor at UNC Chapel Hill, where she teaches courses related to energy, sustainability and life cycle assessment. Previously, she has developed a recognized expertise in the field of sustainable energy systems engineering during her PhD at the Swiss Technology Institute of Lausanne, in Switzerland, and her postdoctoral studies at the Cornell Energy Institute, in NY. Before moving to UNC, she collaborated as a research associate to the US-DoE funded Marine Algae Industrialization Consortium, aiming at demonstrating the feasibility of commercial-scale algae production for fuel and high-value co-products. In collaboration with industries and communities, Léda has contributed to a variety of projects involving the sustainable design of renewable energy technologies, with direct applications to bioenergy, geothermal energy, urban energy planning and policy-making at the state or government-level.