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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Kevin Meagher

Kevin Meagher
Power Analytics


Kevin is the past CTO and chief architect of Power Analytics responsible for the introduction of the advanced power modeling and real-time integration of the companies Paladin Software, including the Power Digital Twin as SaaS solution.  The company focused on the three most fundamental pillars of future of distributed generation, microgrids and data centers, (1) design and operation; (2) secure communications and (3); advanced optimization and control.   Under his guidance the company introduced industry-leading capabilities for energy management and pattern recognition and transitioned the Paladin technology to a commercially viable platform, which today includes the current generation of Paladin DesignBase™ electrical design software, Paladin Live™ mission critical management software, and the micro grid management and optimization system MPMS and the newly introduced SaaS Power Digital Twin™.  Kevin is the author and creator of the  Energy Alignment Process, the Power Digital Twin and has to his credit more than 15 patents in analytical processes.  He has authored numerous papers on power, energy, and high availability architectures and over the past 25 years has lead development organizations and provided strategic planning for companies including Eaton, Invensys, Computer Associates and IBM.   Kevin was previously named a Green Tech Media’s list of the top 100 people you must know in Smart Grid.  Kevin has undergraduate degrees in biochemistry and business and an MBA from the University of Colorado.