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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Justin Baumann

Justin Baumann
SPIRE Postdoctoral Fellow
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Justin Baumann is a SPIRE Postdoctoral fellow at UNC Chapel Hill. Justin received his MS in Earth Sciences from the Ohio State University in 2013 and his PhD in marine sciences from UNC Chapel Hill in 2018. His research has focused on the ecological and energetic implications of climate change and other human impacts on corals. Justin has conducted research on Pacific and Caribbean corals but focuses heavily on how the physiological effects of multiple stressors on corals in Belize. Justin also founded the marine science blog UNdertheC in 2013 and is involved in science communication and outreach locally and regionally through the Morehead Planetarium IMPACTS program and SciREN Triangle. Justin has written popular science articles on ocean plastics in the past and is currently supervising undergraduate research projects focused on identifying the type and abundance of microplastics and microfibers present in coral tissue in the Caribbean.