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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Jordana Rockley


Jordana Rockley is an environmental research assistant with the Center for Public Engagement with Science, where she assists with research, education and communications and logistics for various environmental health and environmental science programs. Specifically, Jordana is working on innovative cities, green technology and clean mobility section of the Cleantech Summit.

Jordana is an undergraduate freshman Robertson Scholar, with a strong interest in her current studies of political science, social entrepreneurship, Gilling’s environmental health sciences (engineering). Currently, Jordana is leading climate coalition building within the Executive Branch of UNC student government’s Civic Engagement and Outreach Services. With experience as a founder for FridaysForFuture in South Florida in climate education mobilizer, she sees the impact the individual can make on their environment and policy. Additionally, Jordana is excited to learn more about innovative cities and economically viable solutions. In her free time, Jordana dances for the Star Heel Dance Team and studies Constitutional Law on the Duke Moot Court.