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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Joe Forbes

Joe Forbes
Causam eXchange


Joseph Forbes, Jr. has over 25 years of experience creating and growing technology companies in multiple disciplines.  Mr. Forbes has been the founder of eight successful firms in energy, cleantech, consulting, hardware/software development, and wireless communications, delivering strong returns to investors through public/private exits, leveraged buyouts, and successful capital formation with Fortune 100 Companies.  He is the named inventor of over 100 patents focused on the evolution of the electric grid from a centralized, one-way architecture to one that is two-way, steeped with advanced Internet Protocol based communication and advanced energy financial settlements.  Mr. Forbes has held executive positions with Consert (Founder & COO), America Connect (Founder & CEO), Galaxy Engineering (Founder & CEO), American Tower Corporation, Dial Call/Nextel, and BellSouth Mobility, where he also was responsible for regulatory matters including FCC compliance.