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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Jinxiang Zhu

Jinxiang Zhu
Senior Principal Consultant


Dr. Zhu has 22 years of experience in energy consulting related to electricity markets, utility economics, power systems operation and planning. He has been the lead GridView developer since 2004. He developed many advanced models in GridView. He also led the development on the dynamic hydro algorithm, the energy and ancillary services co-optimization model, and the virtual bids evaluation model.  His consulting experience includes LMP forecasting, Congestion analysis, LOLE calculation, CRR evaluation and allocation, transmission and generation planning, wind integration study, hydro optimal scheduling, economic benefit assessment studies, and reliability analysis, etc. He provided consulting services for utilities, ISOs, and consulting firms. He is the Senior Principal Consultant in the Power Consulting group of ABB Inc.

Prior to joining ABB, Dr. Zhu was the senior developer for the GE MAPS (Multi-Area Production Simulation) program in GE Power Systems Energy Consulting. Prior to joining GE, Dr. Zhu was a part-time electrical engineer at ABB.

Dr. Zhu has B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering.  He has authored over dozen technical papers on power system planning and power system economics. He is senior member of IEEE and CIGRE. His industry experiences include market simulation, market power analysis, system planning, EMS, and operations research.