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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Gus Simmons

Gus Simmons
Vice President, Director of Bioenergy
Cavanaugh & Associates


Gus Simmons is a passionate advocate for the development of our planet’s bioenergy resources, particularly the utilization of organic wastes as feedstock for the development of biofuels, such as anaerobic digester biogas. Gus’s efforts to promote and place into operation systems that harvest the carbon from organic wastes and use it to displace our dependency on fossil fuels are a prime example of Cavanaugh’s commitment to cultivating the stewardship of our natural resources through innovation. Gus leads innovation around the globe to marry advanced waste treatment and utilization processes that produce infinitely renewable energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and sustain agriculture to feed and power a growing planet.  See Gus’ curriculum vitae:  CV_Gus Simmons_2019

Gus joined Cavanaugh in 2001 as Agricultural Services Director, serving as Project Manager for the firm’s efforts to assist the State of North Carolina with projects to evaluate innovative approaches to managing agricultural wastes. Since joining our firm, Gus has led the development of innovative organic waste treatment solutions for the municipal, industrial, and agricultural sectors. In all of these cases, a commitment to stewardship can be observed – through pollution control, financial efficiency, and beneficial reuse of water, carbon, and nutrients.

Gus graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Biological & Agricultural Engineering, with concentration in biological waste treatment. Upon graduation, Gus worked in agri-industry, holding positions responsible for the design, permitting, and environmental compliance of a number of agricultural and food processing facilities in North America and Europe.

Using his practical design and operations experiences to educate others, Gus has led and participated in a number of continuing education programs, from Technical Seminars and Conferences to University-sponsored operator training programs. Gus has also served as a Technical Advisor to several Universities, State, and Federal agencies in research and for the development of better, more innovative approaches to the beneficial reuse of water, nutrients, and carbon associated with organic waste streams.